Start accepting payments today

Online payments will increase your sales up to 40%!

A wide range of methods to accept payments

Wide range of available payment methods will satisfy every client's needs.

Acceptance of payments in 30 countries

Possibility to receive payments to e-shop accounts registered in any country of the European Union, Russia or Ukraine

Accept payments online is NECESSITY!

Proportion of online purchases is increasing every year.
Customers begin to prioritize online shops where you can buy goods online!

More than 40% of purchases customers pay online

This means that your sales can grow up to 20 – 40%

A growth in sales means more merchant earnings!

Why Oplata?

Start to accept payments in 15 minutes

Extra modules of the most popular CMS will allow you to connect online shop for payments acceptance in 15 minutes.

All payment methods in a single integration

Integration of your shop with Oplata allows to get the most popular payment methods which meet the needs of your customers

Individual approach

We select payment instruments individually for each shop increasing the conversion of payments up to 40%

Working with abandoned baskets

Even if your customers get some issue with the payment, Oplata will explain the cause and will help to make a purchase

Shop protection

The program of chargeback handling protects the shop from fraud. Trust us to work with the financial claims

Custom checkout page design

Create your own design of the payment page, do not distract the customer with redundant forms when buying


We guarantee the security of your payments not only with certificates protection and with private antifraud system
but also with experienced team of analysts alive!

Customer data protection is provided with encryption with a key length of 2048 bits

Certificate of PCI DSS guarantees cardholders data protection

3-D Secure protects against fraud and our settings allow you not to waste conversion